Business Experience:

CHAIRMAN OF C.N.A. Insurance Company – Agents Organizer for the St Louis MO area

FUNDRAISER – YMCA Youth Campaign

1968 – 1975    Partner in  – Construction Co.

1975  –  2001  Organized and managed Custom Insurance Services, Inc.

1996  –  2013  Developed and or constructed twenty Five Affordable Apartment Complexes                    

Sold my ownership in Custom Insurance Services, March, 2001

Sold my ownership in Central City Financial Services, Inc.March, 2001

2003    I have 50% ownership in Double Diamond Construction L.C., a general contracting


This business has completed seventeen apartment projects and has Five under construction. Two of the projects that were completed in 2009 and 2010 were  Adaptive Reuse of a Historic Schools.

Partnership Interest In Apartment Complexes:

     Hunters Ridge Apartments, Hillsboro, MO – 24 Unit’s           50% General Partner

     Wildwood Apartments, Imperial, MO – 48 Unit’s                    50% General partner

     Windcrest Village, Ste. Genevieve, MO – 36 Unit’s               50% General Partner

     Oak Knoll Apartments, Festus, MO – 48 Unit’s                      50% General Partner

     Oak Knoll Phase II, Festus, MO – 48 Unit’s                           50% General partner

     Hunters Ridge Phase Two, Hillsboro, Mo. 16 Unit’s             50% General Partner

     Woodcrest Apartments, Desoto, Mo.  40 Unit’s                    50% General partner

     Millstone Village Apartments, Pacific, Mo.  44 Unit’s          100% General Partner

     Sand Hills Place Apartments  Festus, MO.  48 unit’s          100 % General partner

     Millstone Village II Apartments   Pacific, MO. 40 Unit’s       100 % General Partner

     DeSoto Central Apartments       DeSoto, MO. 43 unit’s       100 % General Partner

     Watercolor Villas                         Arnold, MO.  50 units         100 % General Partner

     Richardson Ridge Villas              Arnold, MO   48 Units           100% General Partner

     Bluff View Apartments                  Festus, MO.  40 Units          100% General Partner

I am very active in all phases of the development and construction  business.