Double Diamond Construction and Development, LLC, its Principals and Officers, have individually and together completed nearly half a billion ($500 million) in development and construction over the past 20 plus years.  The majority of this development has been in the affordable multi-family segment of the market.  Our output to date is nearly 4.100 units.  We have successfully developed units in three states (Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky) and have a phenomenal track record of being on time and on budget.

Patrick W. Werner and Robert C. (Chad) Hartle, founders of Double Diamond, together with Gregory A. Lee and Nathan E. Leoni, pride themselves on being very communicative and cooperative with stakeholders, especially pertinent governmental entities.  Our track record and references will vouch for our willingness to “do the right thing, not the easy thing.”  Our development experience allows us to provide that element of support during the pre-planning and pre-development phases.

Our team has extensive experience in working with MHDC and its development/construction.  process.  This includes meeting all requirements concerning MBE/WBE, LIHTC, Davis-Bacon Wage Requirements, State Housing Agency Construction Compliance, Section 3, and Green Certification.  Our team has built nearly a dozen affordable developments which are to Green Standards or Green Certified.  A few of these developments have won awards and our team members are regularly asked to speak at industry events on Green Certification, Universal Design and other aspects of affordable development.